2020-06-29 09:44:00

Sister Night was a newly created character for Watchmen, but someone who is now vital to the mythos of this world after inheriting the powers of Dr. Manhattan. In an interview with Variety, actress Regina King looked back on being cast as police detective Angela Abar, explaining that her script came bundled with a piece of concept art revealing what her character could look like. 

"When I received the script, there was a letter in the script," King recalled. "And there's an artist rendering of Sister Night with my face. I mean, I just got chills, just again, going back to that moment."

Sister Night's costume was clearly inspired by Christian nuns, but this early design was more overt in terms of religious imagery. It's a little too on the nose in some respects, but easy enough to understand why King was excited to see herself suited up as a bona fide superhero in Watchmen.

Recently, King confirmed that the only way she would return to the Watchmen Universe is if showrunner Damon Lindelof returns, but he's said on multiple occasions that he's done with these characters.

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