2019-04-19 02:17:44

Lou Dobbs Claims Mueller Report Was ‘Conspiracy’ to Overthrow TrumpFox BusinessFollowing the release of the redacted Mueller report which detailed President Trump’s numerous attempts to obstruct the Russia investigation, Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs followed Team Trump’s playbook of claiming the report vindicated Trump but is also full of deceptive lies.In fact, Dobbs–who Trump regularly patches into Oval Office meetings– took it one step further, declaring on Thursday night that the special counsel report and investigation were a “conspiracy to overthrow” Trump and constituted “war.”During a Lou Dobbs Tonight segment on the fallout from the report, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce said that Trump “has committed a crime” which is “surviving everything the swamp has thrown at him” and “being able to still be himself.” She went on to to say Trump needs to use the rest of his time in office–which she said would go three terms if she had her way–to expose the “corrupt nature of the swamp.”Dobbs took the opportunity to rail against the Democratic Party before turning his direction back to the Mueller report, tying the two together. (Earlier in the broadcast, he said that everyone involved with the Russia investigation “should be in orange jumpsuits.”)“This is a war,” he exclaimed. “The president likes to call it a hoax but this was a conspiracy to overthrow the President of the United States. And, this is bad stuff, and to your point, any other person in the White House would have folded up like a cheap lawn chair amongst the last several presidents.”Bruce replied that Trump is the right person for this moment in history, comparing him to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, prompting Dobbs to invoke God into the equation.“Pastor Robert Jeffress always talks about this president–God sent this president,” he said. “He is a person of providence. And I’ll tell you the evidence is accumulating mightily to support the pastor's views.”Jeffress and Dobbs aren’t the only prominent conservatives who believe Trump was chosen by God to be president. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently that it’s “possible” Trump was sent by God to save the Jewish people from Iran.Read more at The Daily Beast.

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